Experience Fun Adventures On Fort Myers FL Tiki Boats

Imagine having the time of your life with your group of friends or family members. Embark on fun voyages aboard our charter vessels. We arrange dolphin tours, daily excursions, sunset celebrations, wildlife trips, as well as private parties. Create unforgettable memories with our Fort Myers FL tiki boats.

Spend the Day Having Fun

What better way to spend your day than to hop onto our 28-passenger vessel? Take a tour of some of the most pristine islands. Go beyond the ordinary and try something different. Our vessels come with a roof to offer shade. You can also come with your ice cooler box and enjoy some music while on board.

Unwind and Relax

Relax, and enjoy the turquoise waters and soft sand during your adventure. Unwind and soak in the sun as we cruise. We have comfy seats. You can mingle with other fun-seeking passengers and swap stories. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day or an exciting adventure, our vessels are perfect for any occasion.


Our Tiki Boat cruise in Fort Myers Beach comes with a lot of benefits. You will be accompanied by our experienced and knowledgeable crew and captain. Our shared boat also allows passengers to bring their food.

Perfect For:

This trip can accommodate different groups of people. Whether you are a solo traveler, a family or a couple of friends, be prepared for the time of your life. Experience the magic of cruises.

Why Book With Us

We have different options for different types of people and activities. Whether you are looking for a morning or evening cruise, we have choices including sunset tours in Fort Myers harbor. Our vessels are well-maintained and run for a perfect day of adventure.

Don’t Miss Out

Don’t be left out. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore and have fun. Book your spot today and create lasting memories!