A Grand Time For The Entire Family On Tiki Boats In Fort Myers FL

Whether you’re celebrating an important anniversary or just looking to experience the picturesque aquamarine waters in tiki boats in Fort Myers FL, we’ve got just the adventure for you and your family. Each tiki cruise is overseen by knowledgeable crew members who are professionals in every sense of the word. Leave the navigating to us as you soak up the sunshine and take in the scenery!

Our tiki boat tours are made to accommodate a wide range of travelers. Couples and larger family groups will feel right at home while on board. You’ll be able to mingle with friends and strangers while sailing through and around the handsome harbor.

Our tours are meant to facilitate relaxation and are a perfect excursion for families who are already on vacation and want to try something unique. Specially organized wildlife encounters take place at certain times and are always popular, particularly when dolphins are involved!

For couples who have traveled to the region for a honeymoon or romantic anniversary, beautiful sunset tours are also available. The sapphire hue of the water is especially lovely against the backdrop of the setting sun as the stars begin to show themselves overhead. Check out our sunset excursion options. They might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The boats are designed to accommodate families with children of all ages, and even smaller children become enamored with the smoothness of the water and the landscape’s natural wonder. Whether it’s catching a view of beaches from the water or pulling up near to dolphins going about their daily business, kids are guaranteed to have a grand old time. They’ll be ready for another cruise as soon as they touch dry land.

Harbor cruises are fun for all ages. If you’ve got an itch to go sailing for the day, book a spot on our lovely sea-going vessel. You’ll be in for an adventure of a lifetime.